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Bumi Kinar Ubud
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Welcome to the place where the Earth meets the Sunlight

Nestled in the heart of Ubud’s lush forest and overlooked by the majestic volcano Mount Agung, Bumi Kinar offers a serene retreat away from the mundane, just a stone’s throw away from central Ubud

Derived the word ‘Bumi’ – earth – & ‘Kinar’ – light – the resort is a place where Mother Earth meets the Sun’s rays in the cultural heart of Bali, the Island of the Gods.


Our Villas

Set atop a valley overlooking the Petanu river, our eight free-standing villas feature indoor-outdoor spaces with private terraces that invite you to indulge in the serene views and sounds of the lush tropical forest.


Culinary Ventures

To satisfy the epicurean taste

Bumi Kinar

Dine at your Leisure

Our selection of venues each
offer something unique to your
dining experience.


BuKi Journeys

Spa & Wellness

Attaining Balance

Your holistic healing journey begins at BuKi Spa.

Our comprehensive offerings are designed to reinvigorate and refresh both your body and mind, preparing you to step back into the bustling world with renewed vitality.


To Tempt You


A snippet of the wonders of Bumi Kinar