Bumi Kinar Resort

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A snippet of the wonders of Bumi Kinar


A Glimpse
into Our Story

1. The Source

Headwaters refer to the origin, or source of how a river comes to be. In Bumi Kinar’s case, our source started with…..

3. Delta

Wetlands at the end of rivers where the land flattens and the water flow spreads into a fan shape]. We hope that BuKi’s land will continue to prosper and spread happiness to you during your stay.

2. Tributaries & Confluence

Tributaries are the various streams of water that feed into the river throughout its flow, and confluence is where two bodies of water merge to form the main river. These are where several different perspectives join together to nurture the river’s growth. In our case, BuKi’s growth and development was formed through ….